Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Blog Raudhah Little Qhalifa: Islamic HomeSchooling dirasmikan pada 27 Disember 2012 :)

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya mendapat kesempatan menyiapkan blog khas untuk dokumentasi bahan-bahan homeschooling my first kid, Raudhah Afrina Eljameela

She is now 2years 3months old..and i have been thinking of homeschooling her since she was one. And yes, I did a little. But this time i do think this is the BEST time for me to properly documentated all the activities on blog and share with others.

My aims are:

1) To share some experience especially about homeschooling/parenting skills/raising kids with other moms

2) To help mommies especially working moms getting ideas of simple activity they can conduct to their kids as they do not have soo much time to do research due to daily workloads(remember: Never simply let the 'school' to educate our child)

3) To always realize that childhood is only a short season(age 1-6).Get connected to our kids, engaged and have fun with them. Never missed the precious time with our loved ones!

Semoga saya sentiasa mendapat petunjuk Allah dalam usaha ingin mendidik amanah Allah ini..

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