Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why Homeschooling???

At first, i`d planned to send my toodler to daily playschool class-my choice was Brainy Bunch.
But later my planned had turned 360 degree, which i decided to not sending her anywhere for now.

Here`s da reasons:

  1. i am a self-employed mom. I own a boutique and manage my business myself. I have time freedom compared to other working moms. SO why shud i let my child to learn from others? Bukannya bermaksud sombong. konon-konon boleh ajar sendiri semua and no need teacher.. Bukan...maksud saya, dengan kemudahan yg Allah beri ini, saya ada peluang untuk mengajar basic things kepada anak sendiri. Plus, bukan ada paksaan pun nak kena seat exams etc... So just make the learning journey is a fun journey :))
  2. Let her enjoy her childhood time to the fullest! actually, my mom memang tak galakkan langsung hantar anak school kecik2 ni..katanya "dulu kakak mama langsung xde ajar2 ni..tau2 pandai je..." But for me, takkan nak biar anak main2 aje as kita husband-wife pun jenis yg background suka belajar..So solution terbaik, meh sini umi nak ajarkan...learn and play :)
  3. i am not going to focus on theory atau nak anak hafal itu aim is to help her develop her skills, to sharpen her intelligence and creativity..i taknak anak i jenis yang ikut silibus, hafal, then dapat 100% in exams..i want her to be a very creative, innovative and wise person, insyaallah
  4. i want to spend more more time with my own daughter. Since dah tak breastfeed ni, biasalah anak dah xmcm time baby...asyik dipeluk dan disisi...She is becoming more independent and xnak manja2 sgt ni. So best time to spend happily with our kids is the play time! I do realize, kalau diajak bermain, yeayyyyy jom2..senyum sampai ke telinga :p
to be continue....

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